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"Jeff, I came to see you for one hour, at the beginning of my mobilization process for deployment to Iraq. Most would say leaving home, loved ones, and work to go to war might not be the best time to try to quit smoking, from a stress standpoint. After a couple months training I arrived in Baghdad Iraq. That was 7 months ago. I'm still in Baghdad and most importantly not smoking!! Wanted to take a minute to say Thank You for your help and generosity. You are a great American!"

1sG Rich Sheehan D CO 1-181 INFANTRY, Baghdad, Iraq

"32 years of smoking .. tried various chemical anti smoking paraphenalia ... This was THE BEST Birthday Present I could have ever asked for! I sat down for about 45 mins ... and i no longer smoke ... its really that simple! In fact 1 week on I cant even remember what smokiing was like?!?! (Strange but true!) Thank you for treating me!"

H. Young

"Hi Jeff. I just wanted to follow up with you now that we're back in Florida. We had the most pleasant ride home (3 days on 95 without a panic incident) thanks to you!"

Thanks, S.O. 1/18/13

"Dear Jeff, You just reached in and turned the switch. I had a slight bit of reservations or skeptism and was in fact - blown away with my results. I'm 100% now smoke free and plan to stay this way for life. All cravings gone! That was huge!"

P.C.S. Stoughton, MA 4/9/13

"Hey Jeff, I was doubtful that hypnosis would work for my weight loss. I couldn't believe that after just one session I wasn't hungry for the rest of the day nor was I focusing on food. One week later I lost 9 pounds with little or no effort. I can't wait to tell my friends - they won't believe it! I would and will recommend you without hesitation."

C.R. Weymouth 2/17/13

"I've had sleeping problems all my life and I've tried many things to change this. I've read, listened to, and watched any information relating to insomnia... all unsuccessfully. I know hypnosis has helped many better their lives and hopef for a positive change in mine. Jef is a caring professional. He took his time to learn about me, answered my questions while explaining what would take place during a session. He created a personalized plan to help my break my negative sleep habits. After my first couple sessions I have made great progress toward acheiving my goal of a good nights sleep."

Thank you Jeff! N.M. Boston 12/17/12

"I came to the Hypnosis Center for help with quitting smoking. I had never been hypnotised before, and wasn't sure it would work on me. I was greeted by Jeff and he ushed me into his relaxing office. He asked me a few questions to get a sense of where I was coming from, and explained his process to me, making sure all my questions were answered and I was completely comfortable. When I was ready, he allowed me to get comfortable in this awesome recliner (I wanted to take it home with me - it was better than my bed!), and we began the session. I was conscience the whole time, aware, yet completely relaxed - sort of like meditation. When we were done, I felt wonderful - like I had been set free of a heavy burden. I have not smoked once since then - over 3 months ago. Not only that, but I have had NO DESIRE TO SMOKEwhich was different from every other time I've quit in the past. No more stressing about it, or being tempted by other smoking, etc. The urge was GONE. Completely. I waited until now to post because I wanted to be sure it wasn't a passing phase. I can honestly say this is the best program out there. Jeff is wonderful to work with. Such kind, understanding and supportive person. He has given me the greatest gift in the world. Set me free from smoking forever!! It is worth every single dime, and I woud recommend Jeff to absolutely everyone I meet who needs help with a personal issue (he does the same thing for weight loss, stress, overcoming fears, etc). I can't vouch for any other hypnotists out there. I can only say Jeff's process WORKS. Thank you for giving me my life back!!!"

M.P. - Bridgewater, MA 6/20/12

"Allow me to introduce myself or introduce the person I once was and you may be too. Are you scared, nervous, anxious, terrified to go outside and leave the comfort of your safe zone so much you can't even leave your bed, afraid of life and what your future holds, holding onto many negative experiences from your past that you can't shake, nightmares that come with extreme panic attacks in the middle of the night..."

Read full letter here

"Hi Jeff,I Just thought I would check back in with you for an update. Eight weeks today and still no smoking, not even one. I do think about it still sometimes, but daily progress and intelligence wins out. Thank you again for being such a tremendous help to me to take back control and become healthier."

Best wishes to you. A.S (MA)

"My original interest was to relax while participating in golf tournaments. After seeing Jeff not only do I look forward to playing in tournaments, but feeling so relaxed and in charge, I now enjoy the challenge and am achieving success on the course beyond my expectations. I ultimately won 2 tournaments in a 4 month period of my sessions with Jeff. Thank you so much Jeff – I truly would recommend your services to any golfer wishing to dramatically improve their game!"

P.J. Weston, MA

"I had anxiety about being on the highway. After visiting Mr. Rosen for 2 sessions I felt a complete turn-around. After 18 years of feeling stifled it now feels great to be able to have the freedom to drive on the highway whenever I want to. Thanks again, Mr. Rosen. You are a true professional."

P.T. Scituate

"My husband visited with Mr. Rosen 6 months ago and hasn't picked up a cigarette since, just a few weeks ago I decided to give hypnosis a chance after watching his success. Since my sessions at the hypnosis center of weymouth I've lost 10 pounds with only 5 more to go! I would recomend Jeffrey to anyone in need!"

Cindy (from Citysearch)

"Hi Jeff, I wanted to tell you that I went to you 4 years ago and I'm still smoke free! You changed my life, I actually never thought I could quit smoking."

Thanks R.K (MA)

"I just wanted every one out there that jeff helped me get off that nasty habit and you can to 4yrs 6mo ago i went to jeff and i still have not smoked once thanks jeff you saved my life."

Dennis (from Citysearch)

"At first I was a little hesitant but within 5 minutes found myself relaxed and happy to be in the professional hands of Jeff Rosen. I've been to 2 other hypnotherapists before however this experience was not only different but I know I'll remain a non-smoker for life. I hihgly recommend his services to anyone serious about stopping forever. Hats off to him!"

C.L. (MA)

"Dear Sirs, I didn't realize how stress was causing so much havoc in my life until I bought your program and experiencing what life was like without it! I immediately felt so much more in control, sleeping better and feeling happier. I have you to thank!"

C.M., California

"I went to Jeff Rosen at Hypnosis of Weymouth last year for help dealing with anxiety in the form of panic attacks. Never having been to a hypnotist before, I just crossed my fingers and hoped for the best! Well, I sure got it ! Jeff Rosen explains his methods of treatment every step of the way, and after 2 visits, I can honestlly say I control my anxiety, not the other way around! Jeffrey is a true professional & very knowledgeable in his field--so much so that I am now going back for help in quitting smoking, and have the greatest confidence that Jeff will use his techniques to help me help myself, & I WILL succeed! I highly recommend Jeffrey Rosen, & am looking forward to yet another success in my life, with the help of Jeffrey Rosen & his hypnotherapy!"

D (from Citysearch)

"Dear Jeff, I want to thank you for helping me to become a "non-smoker for life". It is great to be able to say that! After being a smoker for 35 years, I had my doubts about whether hypnosis would work for me. I am very happy to report that I have not smoked for 18 days and have no desire to ever smoke again. Hypnotherapy took the fight out of quitting and has made the urges easier to resist. I am so happy I came to you for help."

Thank you A.K (MA)

"Dear Jeff, I would never have thought that being a non-smoker for life was so easy and comfortable. Thank you for helping me through these positive changes. I will remain a healthy non-smoker for life! I have recommended your services to all my smoking friends!"

Thanks again. M.H (MA)

"I tried for years to quit smoking with very little success. My husband met Jeffrey one day and gave me his card, I decided to give it a try. The experience was very comfortable and relaxing. I couldn't wait to see Jeffrey after one week on not smoking. Something I have never done before-NEVER! I know today I am a non-smoker for life!"

B.A (MA)

"Dear Jeff, Thank you very much for your assistance in changing my life for the better. I have been heavy most of my adult life and with your positive suggestions and encouragement through hypnosis, I know that I will lose all the weight I want and keep it off for the rest of my life. I've already begun to see positive results as I break bad habits that I learned as a youth. Food is no longer controlling my life; I don't eat just for the sake of eating. I know that my goal will not be achieved for several months, but I'm firmly convinced that it will be achieved. The two sessions, together with the reinforcement CD, as the tools that I need to make the difference."

W.M (MA)

"Dear Mr. Rosen, I just had to email you to tell you that I have stopped smoking immediately from your DVD program over 6 weeks ago and feel secure that I'll never go back! I've tried it all to stop in the past with nothing but failure up to now! Your program is awesome. Thank you for giving me my life back!"

C. Powers, Oklahoma

"To Whom It May Concern, I've been in the 'diet' struggle for most of my life and spent too much money o diets that just don't seem to last for me. I must admit that I had become a wary consumer. Well, I thought I'd give it one last try with your DVD and CD. I honestly cannot pinpoint why I'm experiencing such profound success but it's never been so easy in all my life! I've lost 31 lbs. now with 20 more to go. Thank you so much, I give your programs an A+."

J.M. Tennesee

"Jeff, Thanks for the best program I've ever experienced. I'm saving a ton of money and feeling healthier every day. Your stuff works!

K.P., Florida

"Jeffrey Scott Rosen is exactly what he claims to be - an advanced certified Hypnotherapist. His new program makes you feel relaxed and confident about your reasons for being there. He has a gift, not only for hypnosis, be he makes you want to be honest with yourself, therefore making it possible for him to help you, to change the things in your life that need changing. When you finish the program you feel refreshed, renewed and ready to take the first steps to becoming a better you."

J.E (MA)

"Dear Mr. Rosen, I've tried Chantix, the patch, the gum... you name it... I've tried it... I bought your stop smoking bundle package almost 10 weeks ago. I was reluctant to even try it with all my past failures to quit smoking. I must give credit where credit is due! It's been over 2 months now, confidently smoke free! I thank you, my wife thanks you, and my 3 kids thank you. Please accept this bottle of wine as a token of our appreciation. Thank you so much! Your products are incredible and I've recommended them to other family members. Thanks again,"

John S., Pennsylvania

"Dear Jeff, Your powerhouse products have worked wonders for me. I've stopped smoking for good and now have purchased your weight loss program. I'll keep you informed of our progress. Thank you again."

A.C., Maine

"Dear New World Publishing, Jeff's programs need to be exposed to the world in a big way! I've lost 68 pounds now and am at my goal weight and feeling great! I never thought it could be so empowering and easy. Your products are what they say they are! Thank you so much."

G.F. Connecticut

"Dear Mr. Rosen, Please accept my gratitude for finding you and your products. I'll never smoke again. Thank you so, so much for a longer life."

B.D., Kentucky