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In an effort to offer outstanding alternative healing services, Hypnosis Center for Better Health proudly presents REIKI-ENERGY HEALING with Carla.

Our total make-up, both physically and mentally, is a Mecca of combined energies. Energy is all around us and within us as well. Sometimes, especially through life's challenges, our internal energies or "CHAKRAS" can get stuck or inactive, which can stifle us and cause numerous negative effects on us, both physically and mentally.

REIKI-energy healing is an ancient, Asian, non-evasive healing technique, now accepted in western civiliation, which instantly promotes physical-mental and even spiritial healing, as well as promotes well-being-peace and happiness.

For everyday aches and pains, arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches, migraines, specific body pains, stress relief, anxieties, insomnia, Carla also specializes in bereavement, sadness and moving up and beyond stagnant negative feelings and emotions.

Carla has been working over 20 years with clients in hospitals and senior healthcare facilities. Her unique gift for energy healing and extreme, intuitive nature helps her to zone in and heal. All-so peacefully-yet-empowering.

We welcome Carla to the Hypnosis Center for Better Health and sincerely hope you too, will enjoy a session with hands on healing with Carla. For questions and to book an appointment, please call Carla at 508-577-8564 during normal business hours please. Thank you!

Jeff Scott Rosen
Hypnosis Center for Better Health

Carla's Testimonials

Carla has changed my life! Before seeing Carla I did try Reiki somewhere else. I can say Carla is much different than any other person out there. Her warmth and kindness is only the beginning. Her energy is like no other. Before seeing her, I was always stressed and depressed. I feel like a million bucks after a session with Carla. She is AWESOME !!!

Anna from Norwell

When I first met Carla my back and leg pain was so severe I could hardly walk or stand straight. After only a few sessions Carla has given me a total miraculous recovery! I now have total relaxation of the muscles in my lower back and hips and quit honestly my entire body. If your looking for pain relief I highly recommend Reiki by Carla. Carla has truly impacted my life in a positive way!

Maureen from Quincy

Carla is a special person. She not only has great energy, she truly has much compassion and puts out a warm energy while working on you. My pain in my body has subsided and my stress levels are much lower. Thanks to Carla she has put a whole new outlook on my life! Thanks for helping me!!

Mike J. from Hanson