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Locally and beyond, the opioid use and abuse is now at epidemic proportions. The usual treatments and solutions don’t often work.

Our Hypnosis Center for Better Health prides itself in offering a unique alternative opioid recovery program. Positive results come naturally and immediately all with no dangers, no side effects and you never lose control.

Working with you at all levels, (ie: consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously) reprogramming your brain to quickly and naturally break the “chains of the habit”.

Our center has been specializing in substance abuse recovery since 2000. Our long term success rate has contributed to being featured in South Shore Living Magazine “Best Of…”

Also, receiving honorary awards from Healthy Living Magazine for “Outstanding Achievement” in the community.

All sessions are one on one and confidential. Please give me a call to discuss/book in… 781-331-8118.

“Allow me to help you, help yourself”

Jeffrey S. Rosen A.C.C.H
Changing lives every day!