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What Hypnosis Is And Isn't

Hypnosis is an enjoyable and completely safe state of relaxation. You cannot be tricked into doing something you would not do in a fully conscious state. Hypnosis has to be done with you - it cannot be done to you.

You never lose control at any level of hypnosis. Rather, hypnosis is a powerful and most effective tool for YOU to take complete control of that which is important to you.

At Professional Hypnosis Center for Better Health we use hypnotherapy as a vehicle to successfully access the subconscious mind. Through the powers of suggestions, it allows an individual to change habits or thoughts that either no longer apply or may have even become harmful!

The process of hypnosis has no dangers. You cannot get stuck in a trance, or made to do anything that you do not want to do. You are awake the whole time. After the session you will feel very relaxed and at peace, and the suggestions will change your life immediately and effectively.

In 1955 the AMA (American Medical Association) accepted hypnotherapy as a valid and valuable therapeutic tool. Pope Pius, XII added his stamp to approval to the practice of hypnotherapy just one year later.

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